Abundant Life Church

What type of church are we?

Abundant Life is a non-denominational, charismatic church. Our Senior Pastors received training from both an Assemblies of God Bible College and the Rhema Bible Training Center. The end product has been a refreshingly balanced and Biblically based doctrinal approach. As you may have already noticed, Pastor Bird is a down-to-earth, hands-on pastor. He has only one passion in life – to see lost people come to Jesus.

By non-denominational we mean that we are not officially tied to a parent denominational organization. We are independent in the sense that we operate under our own state-approved charter. Because others have chosen to ally themselves under our vision for evangelism, we have formed the Abundant Life Ministerial Association. We presently have over seventy licensed or ordained ministers working as pastors, evangelists, church planters, and missionaries.

By charismatic, we mean that we are a church that believes that the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit did not cease with the New Testament church, but are and always will be operational in the Church. This includes ministering as God wills in the realm of the miraculous – divine healing, authoritative deliverance from demonic influences, the prophetic, and so on.

What is our central focus?

Quite simply, we are an evangelistically driven church. Every thing we do is directed to fulfill the church battle cry of “Just one more!” As such, we are always looking for ways to “crusade our city,” that is, find creative ways to contact people where they are and lead them to a living relationship with their Savior, Jesus Christ. Our church presently has dozens of different ministries in place. The ultimate focus of each of these ministries is to serve the harvest in some respect.

What “flavor” is our worship?

We unashamedly embrace a high-energy, contemporary worship style. Our worship team’s primary goal is to lead our people into the revelatory presence of God. From His revealed presence in our midst flows ministry life: souls are saved, sick bodies healed, the oppressed delivered. We believe that this type of living dynamic represents what “going to church” is supposed to be about.